Winner of the most ‘placeful’ app at Culture Hack Scotland 2011

Who made it?

Jen Davies and Alex Waterston

What is it?

This app maps over 1000 items from the National Museums of Scotland collections onto Festival venues throughout Edinburgh and encourages players to “steal” them. Alex says: “Being the master criminal that you are, you’re slightly perturbed that the target of your next heist seems to have gotten wind of your crafty plans. Probably shouldn’t have tweeted about it, checked in on Foursquare and tagged yourself as shopping for Heist Materials on GetGlue. Damn Social Media. Anyway, National Museums of Scotland have sent their top collections protector out to hide all their exhibits around the city of Edinburgh. You’ve been keeping an eye on his GoWalla checkins and they all seem to be at Fringe and Festival venues around the city. Lucky you made this iPhone app earlier to help you steal that stuff and track your swag. Wait, what? You accidentally uploaded it to the app store? EVERYONE ELSE IS STEALING THAT STUFF TOO? Better get going!” Alex is in discussion with the National Museums of Scotland to develop this app further.

What data was used?

Edinburgh Fringe venue data as well as the National Museums of Scotland collections.

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