Loads of amazing prototypes are generated from Culture Hack Days – here are some of our favourites. Some have now received development funding to become commercial products.

  • Tales You Win thumbnail

    Tales You Win

    By: Stef LewandowskiFrom: East 2012

    A tool to enable artists to create their own locative artworks.

  • Proms Audio Visual Data Hack thumbnail

    Proms Audio Visual Data Hack

    By: Alistair MacDonald - @alistair, Leigh Garland - @toychickenFOLLOWS, Andrew Downs - @andrewd23wk, and others.From: East 2012

    A visualisation of the proms performer data.

  • Junction Kids thumbnail

    Junction Kids

    By: Harry Harrold - @harryharroldFrom: East 2012

    An Open Heat Map using Colchester Arts Centre audience data.

  • Firstsite-Goldrush thumbnail


    By: Gary Aston @madebysplendid, and Diogo Neves @DiogoSnows. From: East 2012

    A treasure hunt game for families

  • Luckyframe thumbnail


    By: Luckyframe (Yann Seznec and co)From: Scotland 2011

    Audio and visual representation of footfall data provided by Edinburgh City Council.

  • Stealit thumbnail


    By: Jen Davies and Alex WaterstonFrom: Scotland 2011

    This app maps the National Museums of Scotland collections onto Festival venues and encourages players to “steal” them

  • BookFest thumbnail


    By: James NewberyFrom: Scotland 2011

    A tool that helps people discover more about the creators of the books that they have been enjoying

  • Edvent thumbnail


    By: Taras YoungFrom: Scotland 2011

    A realtime text adventure based on the live data being fed from the Edinburgh Festival's server.

  • When Should I Visit thumbnail

    When Should I Visit

    By: Dan W. WilliamsFrom: London, 2011

    This web app finds the least busy time to visit the museums, galleries and theatres of London

  • Pepyshow thumbnail


    By: Matthew Somerville & Clare LovellFrom: London 2011

    Shows a quote from Pepys’ diary about a random play and links to the relevant play at Matthew’s site Theatricalia