Loads of amazing prototypes are generated from Culture Hack Days – here are some of our favourites. Some have now received development funding to become commercial products.

  • Wall of Cambridge Archaeology app thumbnail

    Wall of Cambridge Archaeology app

    By: Dr Chris Wingfield (University of Cambridge's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology) and Billy Gibson (Atlas Live)From: East 2013

    An iPad app bringing to life archaeological finds around Cambridge.

  • Art Buddies thumbnail

    Art Buddies

    By: Specialmoves, Parrabbola, DanceDigital and firstsiteFrom: East 13

    Online service that helps bring together groups of people interested in attending the same exhibitions or performances.

  • Skinny’s Jeans thumbnail

    Skinny’s Jeans

    By: Roy Shearer, Michael Shorter, Tom Metcalfe, & Jack ChalkleyFrom: Scotland 2012

    A hardware hack of animated trousers that dance with increased cultural activity.

  • Into Demarco thumbnail

    Into Demarco

    By: Stef Lewandowski, Katy Beale & Carolyn JonesFrom: Scotland 2012.

    A website bringing the extensive archive of photographer Richard Demarco’s Edinburgh Festival images to the public.

  • Shakey thumbnail


    By: Jim Newbery - @froots101, Philip Roberts, Rory Fitzpatrick - @roryf, and Padmini Murray - @praymurrayFrom: Scotland 2012

    A realtime, multiplayer Shakespearean parlour game app.

  • 404 Visuals thumbnail

    404 Visuals

    By: David BellFrom: Scotland 2012

    An Audio Visualiser using data from the National Museum of Scotland sound archive.

  • Whitworth’s Landscape Paintings Mapped thumbnail

    Whitworth’s Landscape Paintings Mapped

    By: Tim WatersFrom: North 2011

    A geolocation app that plots paintings on a map, showing where they were painted.

  • Trains Near Me thumbnail

    Trains Near Me

    By: Heather Burke and Alistair MacDonaldFrom: North 2011

    An app that uses the NRM rolling stock location data to list the trains closest a user, wherever they are in the world.

  • InformedApp thumbnail


    By: Mick Adams, James Hitchcock, Carolyn JonesFrom: North 2011

    An emergency opinion generator/converstation starter.

  • Ulyssize thumbnail


    By: Stef Lewandowski and Rachel ColdicuttFrom: East 2012

    A “stream of (artificial) consciousness” generator, creating fake, but semi-believable pages of Ulysses.