Culture Hack East Ideas Lab Round-up 4: Concepts, Ideas, Prototyping

prototyping blog 1

Day two of the Culture Hack East Ideas Lab kicked off with a second ‘speed data’ session, this time exploring a series of 20 one sentence challenges drawn from ideas gathered in the first day’s sessions. Challenges discussed included questions such as ‘how can we ensure that the digital will enhance and not detract from user experience of museums’ and ‘how can we work towards innovative ways of archiving digital content’.

Speed data 2 blog 1

In the next part of the lab, participants spent some time working with, challenging and developing the prototypes of other groups in the Ideas Lab. Group members took this opportunity to offer a fresh perspective on the ideas of their peers, asking what other approaches could be used to develop the projects, what would happen if they used a different technology, and how the project would change if directed at a different audience. Participants were also encouraged to use Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies ( to think differently about the various projects.

prototyping 2

Following this exercise, participants fed back their thoughts to the other groups, exploring possible challenges for projects and sometimes completely overturning concepts and approaches to ideas. At this stage group members returned to their initial project ideas, and began developing paper prototypes – mapping these concepts in 2/3 different ways for different users. Some technologists roved between the various projects and various participants temporarily swapped groups to test out the plans for user experience.   Speed data blog 1

This guest blog was written by Alexandra Reynolds, PhD student at Kingston University.