Data Sets by Type

We’ve organised the data sets into groups, incase that helps you to see connections and links between them. The groups are PLACE/LOCATION; MUSIC; VISUAL ARTS AND OBJECTS; BOOKS, LITERATURE AND DRAMA; and FACTS AND FIGURES.


New for Culture Hack:

ADeC: data on all the possible facilities for arts and culture in Cambridgeshire, from full time venues through to libraries, schools and village halls. Their locations and venue type are all included.

Kettle’s Yard: map data, containing locations and events from arts venues in Cambridge.

Hoipolloi: data from their tour schedule, which shows where their productions have been presented and how many people saw them at each place. This will be supplemented with meta-data from their mailing list where records have included a country, and this also provides information on browsers and OS used and sign up date.

The Junction: postcode lists from the last three years for bookers of Theatre and Dance, Family Theatre, Comedy, Live Music, and Clubs, with the amount of bookings per genre, per area.

Cambridgeshire County Council: extensive range of data including website statistics and interactive maps

Existing Data Sets

Open Plaques

English Heritage: Location data for about 400,000 places recorded as important by English Heritage


New for Culture Hack

  • BBC Proms: the full BBC Proms Archive, showing every performance for the last 117 years

John Peel Archive: data from the John Peel’s Record Collection project

Existing Data Sets

Music Brainz:


New for Culture Hack

Sainsburys Centre for Visual Arts: Data compiled by gallery tour guides, which shows objects in the SCVA collection by a number of themes. Themes include portraits, death, modernism, religion, fetish, carved.

Wysing Arts Centre: data from over 200 participants of Escalator Visual Arts, a programme of support to artists and curators built around themed four-day retreats, delivered in a unique partnership between Wysing Arts Centre and the Royal College of Art’s MA in Contemporary Curating.

Kettle’s Yard: map data, containing locations and events from arts venues in Cambridge.

The Fitzwilliam Museum: data from their collections, including a subset of data aggregated with collections data from other museums via the Culture Grid API.

Existing Data Sets

Culture Grid: access to approximately 2 million records from hundreds of collections of all kinds from across the UK, covering a huge range of topics: from arts to zoology – joining and opening up UK collections information for more use by more people in more ways.

British Museum Collection: data, information

Europeana: 2.4m records from 200 cultural organisations

Museum API Wiki: List maintained by Mia Ridge, which includes links to all the key available museum APIs, including the V&A, National Maritime Museum, National Portrait Gallery and more:

Archaeology data:


New for Culture Hack East

Peterborough and Southend Libraries: A list of ISBNs of borrowed books in 2011.

The RSC: API for Banquo, which searches for tweets, Flickr photos and eBay auctions that mention Shakespeare’s play.

The London Review of Books: digital archive of long form essays from the last 30 years


Project Gutenberg: Over 39,000 free ebooks, including Ulysees (Saturday is Bloomsday)

Public Domain Review: Repository of content in the public domain


New for Culture Hack East

Arts & Business: Private Investment data.

Cambridgeshire County Council: extensive range of data including website statistics and interactive maps.